Updates COVID-19: Ethiopian Airline New Travel Restrictions Details

Updated: Apr 15

Here Below Please Refer to Information on Travel Restrictions Due to The Spread of Corona Virus Within Ethiopian Airlines Network.


  • Effective 20Mar20(00:00H) LUANDA Airport will be closed for all commercial flights as a prevention measure of COVID-19 until further notice.


  • Argentina has suspended all commercial flights as of 19th March until further notice

Australia & New Zealand

  • A travel ban will be placed on all non-residents, non-Australian citizens coming to Australia Effective March 20, 2020.

  • A travel ban will be placed on all non-residents, non-New Zealand citizens coming to New Zealand effective 19th March Mid-night (Thursday-Midnight).


  • Ethiopian Airlines Operation to/from Bahrain will be suspended effective Wednesday 18 March 2020 at 03:00 LT for 14 days.


Effective 18MAR20 12:00 (noon); Belgium has closed its borders for Non-EU Schengen European Nationals.

Accordingly, note below two essential points.


  • Flight are always allowed to land for bringing Schengen European nationals, residents or/and members of European families to the Schengen territory.

  • Foreigners with a transit or short-stay visa will not be allowed to enter Schengen territory. Only those holding a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit will be allowed to enter.


  • All non-essential travels are prohibited.


  • New Benin Entry visas will not be issued.

  • All travelers coming to Benin by Air will be quarantined compulsory for 14 Days in the hotel selected by the Government. Benin Government will pay for Benin nationals and other nationals have to pay by themselves.

  • The preparation of the pilgrim program is suspended.


  • All individuals coming to Botswana from the following high-risk countries will not be allowed entry.

  • China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, USA, UK, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and India.

  • Batswana citizens and residents returning from high-risk countries will be subjected to 14-day mandatory quarantine as per protocol.

  • Issuance of Visa at Ports of entry and at all Embassies is suspended with immediate effect. Current visas are cancelled with immediate effect until further notice.


Brazil has closed its boarders foe all foreigners from China, EU, UK, Korea, Australia, Japan , Malaysia, Island ,Norway, Switzerland for 30 days as of 23rd March 2020..

Burkina Faso

  • flights are cancelled from 22Mar to 02Apr (ET937/936/22MAR-02APR XXLD) due to operational reasons.


  • All passenger from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Spain and all countries of the European Union and those who have stayed in these countries during 14 days preceding their entry in Burundi shall be quarantined for 14 days.


  • Cameroon’s land, air and sea borders are closed from Wednesday 18 March 2020 0:00 AM


  • Effective Immediately all non-Canadian citizens and non-permanent residents of Canada (Foreign Nationals) are not allowed to enter Canada

  • The ban excludes, Air Crews, Diplomats, Immediate Family members of Canadian Citizens and USA Citizens

  • Only the following four Airports to receive international flights (YYZ, YUL, YVR and YYC)


  • Tchad Ministry of Civil Aviation has announced the suspension of all passenger flights to Chad effective 19 March 2020 midnight for a period of 14 days to contain COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, all passengers arriving from COVID -19 affected countries from Mar 17-19, 2020 will be quarantined for 14 days effective immediately.


  • Hubei origin passengers are not allowed to travel to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai & Chengdu.

  • Starting from March 13th, 2020 at 00:00, anyone who has traveled or lived in Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan, France, Spain, Germany and the United States within 14 days before entering Shanghai and Guangzhou will be subject to home or centralized quarantine for 14 days.


  • Comoros decided not to let any passenger from any point in China to arrive into the country. Please note that the restriction is also applicable to Comorian citizens.

  • All high risk countries and Europe originating passengers (namely from Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Belgium, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, Iran…) are temporally banned from entering the Comoros effective immediately until further notice.

Congo Brazzaville

  • Congo Brazzaville suspends all flights until further notice effective immediately.


  • For a period of 15 days, from 16 Mar2020 at midnight, Cote D Ivoire has restricted non-Ivorian passengers from countries with 100 and more confirmed cases of COVID -19   from entering into the country. Ivorian nationals and non-Ivorian permanent residents will be subject to a compulsory quarantine for 14 days upon entering Ivorian territory in centers requisitioned by the state.


  • As per the statement from Djibouti Civil Aviation Authority, effective 18 Mar 2020 Djibouti airport will be closed for all commercial passenger flights as a preventive measure of COVID-19 until further notice.

  • This prohibition does not apply to cargo flights which are authorized to operate normally.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Airspace will be closed for all passenger flights effective 21, 2020 until further notice


  • All international flights to/from all Egyptian Airports are suspended except cargo flights effective March 19, 2020 1000EST to March 31, 2020 2200EST.

Equatorial Guinea

  • Due to COVID19, the Government of Equatorial Guinea has closed its border and all international flights are banned from 15-March-2020 to 15-April-2020. This can be extended based on the evolution of the crisis.


  • Chinese and Italian passengers shall be quarantined upon arrival.


From mid-night (23H UTC) tonight 17 March,2020 only Citizens or residents of EU countries, Schengen or UK territories will be allowed to enter French territory.

  • From CDG, all foreigners wishing to leave the country will leave as long as there are planes to bring them back

  • Crews of foreign companies will be allowed to enter the territory by derogation so that they can take their compulsory rest time, and resume their plane on the next rotation.

  • Planes are always allowed to land for bringing Schengen European nationals, residents or/and members of European families to Schengen territory.

  • Foreigners coming to the French border, coming from a third state will be refused if they do not meet the conditions of residence.

  • Foreigners coming from a third state, in transit on another third state where they are admissible will be authorized to transit.

  • Foreigners with a transit or short-stay visa will not be allowed to enter Schengen territory. Only those holding a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit will be allowed to enter.


  • Effective 13th March 2020, the government of Gabon announced tourist visa holders from the European Union and United States are not allowed to enter into Gabon in addition to the already banned countries of China, South Korea and Iran.


  • Airlines are directed not to transport passengers on transit to/from other destination in the sub-region using Banjul as an embarkation/disembarkation point.

  • Airlines are also requested to verify evidence of Gambian Identity and /or Residence permits in order to ensure that passenger without this document are not allowed to board Gambia inbound flights.


  • All travel to Ghana is strongly discouraged until further notice.

  • Any traveler, except for Ghanaian citizens and persons with Ghana residence permits, who within the last 14 days, has been to a country that has recorded at least 200 cases of COVID-19, will not be admitted into the Ghanaian jurisdiction. Airlines are instructed not to allow such persons to embark. Border posts are instructed not to allow such persons into the jurisdiction.

  • There will be a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine for persons who are otherwise allowed to enter the Ghanaian jurisdiction. Guidelines for self-quarantine will be available at the various Ghanaian ports of entry. Enforcement protocols are being deployed in collaboration with state security and health authorities. Persons determined to be unable to satisfactorily self-quarantine will be quarantined by the State.

  • Any admissible traveler, who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 will be quarantined and tested upon reaching Ghana.

  • Item one of this statement takes immediate effect.

  • Items 2,3 & 4 take effect at 1 pm on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020.


  • The Government of Greece has imposed restrictions for entry into Greece effective from 18 March, 2020. The restriction will be in place for the coming 30 days.

This restriction does not apply to:

  • Citizens of EU and Schengen Treaty Members, their spouses or partners and their juvenile children.

  • Medical doctors, nurses, researchers and other health professionals under the condition they can provide relevant professional licenses or other document and they will immediately join the national health system.

  • Third Country Nationals with residence permit of an EU or Schengen Treaty member state.

  • Governmental delegations Members of diplomatic and consular missions, European and international and humanitarian organizations for them to perform their duties, military and security forces

  • Drivers of trucks carrying goods and the absolutely necessary assisting staff and Passengers in transit.

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