SUDAN፡ Declares State of Emergency from Nile Floods, reportedly at highest level in 100 years

River Nile reportedly at highest level in 100 years. Death toll from floods at 99, more than 100,000 houses fully or partially destroyed, affected over 500,000 people, say officials.

Reported by Mohammed Amin •|• 05 Sept, 2020 •|• KHARTOUM, SUDAN •|•

Sudan has declared a nationwide three-month state of emergency as massive floods are expected to continue, officials said Saturday.

The declaration comes after the nation’s death toll from floods rose to 99, Lina Alshiekh, the labor and social care minister, said after an emergency meeting of the defense and security council.

Around half a million people have been affected by the floods, while more than 100,000 houses are fully or partially destroyed, she added.

The floods are the highest in the country since 1946 and may continue as the rain has not stopped in various areas, she said.

Sudan warned last week that the Nile River is the highest in a century, topping 18 meters (59 feet) in some areas.

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