Prosperity Party, Among the Richest Party

Updated: Apr 15

NationalEr Interest, Sun, 15 March,

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Prosperity Part has broken the records made before for accessing a tremendous amount of funding in a day hall conference. The Millennium Hall is being reopened by Honorable Dr. Abey Ahmed and Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen as well as regional presidents at the fundraising event held at the Millennium Hall of Fame.

The revenue collection has been collected at the party level, with an unprecedented record breaking revenue. The most amazing thing is that 1.3 billion birr is funded by cash and the rest in 2,600 livestock at an average cost of 2million birr. The party also announced to donate a 100million birr of it, to combat a Coronavirus Pandemic within the country.

PP is now the only rich party in Ethiopia, despite their financial capacity, also reinforced with most skilled and influential manpowers across of Ethiopia.

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