NEWS/ዜና፡ መግለጺ ሚኒስትሪ ጥዕና፡ 37 ካብ 39 (95%) ሓዊዮም፡ Eritrea፡ Announcement from the Ministry of Health፡

መግለጺ ሚኒስትሪ ጥዕና፡ 37 ካብ 39 (95%) ሓዊዮም፡

Announcement from the Ministry of Health፡

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ሎሚ ብሩኽ መዓልቲ ኮይኑ ዉን፡ 7 ካብቶም ኣብ ሆስፒታል ተሪፎም ዝነበሩ ተሓከምቲ ሕማም ኮሮናቫይረስ፡ ሓዊዮም ነናብ ገዝኦም ተፋኒዮም ከምዘለዉ፡ ሚኒስትሪ ጥዕና ኣብ ዘዉጽኦ መግለጺ ሓቢሩ።

በዚ መሰረት እንበኣር፡ ካብ ጠቅላላ ብዝሒ ዝተለክፉ 39 ሕሙማት፡ እቶም 37 ማለት 95% ክሓዊዩ ክኢሎም ኣለዉ። እቶም ተሪፎም ዘለዉ 2 ድማ ኣብ ጽቡቕ ኩነታት ጥዕና ከምዘለዉ ዝተረኽበ ሓበሬታ የነጽር።

እዚ ከምዚ ኢሉ ከሎ፡ ክሳብ ሕጂ ሓይሊ ዕማም ዉሸባ፡ ንብኣየር መሬትን፡ ባሕርን ኣብዚ ዝሓለፈ ክልተ ወርሒ ናብ ዉሽጢ ሃገር ዝኣተዉ፡ ኣስታት 3000 ዝኮኑ ዜጋታት ክዉሽብን፡ ክምርምርን ከምዝበቕዐ ኣፍሊጡ ኣሎ።

ዝኮነ ዜጋ ድማ፡ ክሳብ እዚ ሕማም ኣብ ጎረባብትን ዓለምን ምስፍሕፍሑ ዘየቋረጸ፡ በዚ ዘሎ መምርሒታት ክቅየድን፡ ፈጺሙ ክዛነን ክምዘይብሉ፡ እቲ ዝወጸ መብርሂ የመልክት። ናይ መጻኢ መደብ ኢሉ ተበጊስሉ ዘሎ ዕማም ዉን፡ ኣብ መላእ ሃገር ዳህሳ እዚ ሕማም ከካይድ ምኳኑ ኣፍሊጡ ኣሎ። ኩሎም ዝሓወዩ ዉን ኣኣብ ቦትኦም ብምኻድ ዳግማይ ክከታተሎም'ዩ።

Seven patients have recovered fully after standard tests at the National Laboratory and were released from hospital today.

This brings the number of recovered patients to-date to thirty-seven (37).

The number of confirmed cases in the country to-date is thirty nine.

In spite of its positive features, this achievement should not, however, convey a wrong picture and prompt us to relax our guard.

The positive preliminary achievement obtained so far is the outcome of the rigorous efforts undertaken to put in quarantine – within the overall GOE strategy of prevention - all the nationals that returned home in the past two months through air, land and sea travel as well as their immediate contacts in cases where this was necessary. (The total number of quarantined individuals exceeds three thousand). The strategy also incorporated the provision of necessary medical treatment to all those who were diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

However, the task of detailed and comprehensive assessment to gauge the spread of the pandemic in the entire country with full certainty is barely on the offing after the completion of all necessary preparations. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that COVID-19 continues to spread in the world and our region without let-up.

In the event, we urge every citizen to continue to fully adhere to, and diligently implement, the GOE Guidelines in force.

Ministry of Health


8 May 2020

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