NationalEr Interest: Stand with Ethiopian National Defence Forces, and the Regional Special Army,

Updated: Nov 19

Let the General Commander in Chief of ENDF, Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed Finish the Game.

17 November 2020, | Message of Stance | NationalEr Interest to ENDF | Attached Letter,

Ethiopians are now widely commemorates the members of National Defence Force (ENDF) for their ultimate sacrifice and credibility to the Country's Law-Enforcement mission.

Prime Minister Abiy has been vowed to launch a final phase operation against the Terrorist ethnofascist group TPLF in Tigray region, after the 3-days deadline for surrender is over.

The ENDF and Regional Special Forces was launched their law-enforcement operations in 4rth November 2020, when the TPLF Militants started the unexpected attack over the Northern Command of ENDF division, to confiscate their military arsenals and logistics.

Meanwhile, the TPLF leaders was also declared to stop recognising the Federal Government, before the threatening attack happened, and abolished all Addis Abeba legitimacy in Tigray region, which has left the Prime Minister with no choose, except hunting them to justice.

The gangs are now mainly encircled and hidden in 4-largest populated towns of Tigray, Mekelle, Adwa, Axum and Adi-grat.

They still have huge financial assets in foreign countries, as well as too many paid journalists, intel agent-assets, and high rank officer representatives in international organisations.

Thinking about "TPLF" is like the Colombian or Mexican "Narcos Cartel", criminal drag association. And, the worst is they are "Ethnicity Fun" political junta, intended to disintegrate Ethiopia and claim new "Grand Tigray" nation, which is a daytime dream.

Let the Regional Terrorist Ethnofascist TPLF Eliminated from the Face of the Earth Soon!

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