Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has started Filling Water

It is Confirmed that the Grand Renaissance Dam has started filling Water, According to The Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy told to the EBC television.

N.B. Congratulations to Our Ethiopian Brothers, and Our Appreciation Goes to the Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed Administration, who has Successfully Managing the Internal & External Crisis, and Hope Egypt & Sudan will Reached out in an Effective and Working Agreement.

The Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Dr. Sileshi Bekele said the water filling of the Grand Renaissance Dam is in line with the natural construction process of the dam.

He also said that the Satellite Image (Image caption in June 12 & July 15) of the Dam are accurate.

Dr. Sileshi Bekele added, Ethiopia's negotiations on the Renaissance Dam will take place not only for the current generation but also for the benefit of future generations.

Eleven African experts from Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Madagascar and South Africa participated in the Renaissance Dam.

He said a number of points were agreed upon during the meeting, but the details are not clear yet.

Until this day, there is no formal consent reached out between Ethiopia Egypt & Sudan. African Union, the last broker nominee also failed to deal with, until the opening of GERD filling.

Congratulations Again.

About Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, formerly known as the Millennium Dam and sometimes referred to as Hidase Dam, is a gravity dam on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia that has been under construction since 2011. It is in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region of Ethiopia, about 15 km east of the border with Sudan.

General Overview Location: Benishangul-Gumuz, Ethiopia

Purpose: Power

Status: Under construction

Construction began: April 2011

Opening date: 15 July, 2020

Construction cost: $4.8 billion USD

Owner(s): Ethiopian Electric Power


Total capacity: 74×109 m3 (60,000,000 acre⋅ft)

Active capacity: 59.2×10^9 m3 (48,000,000 acre⋅ft)

Inactive capacity: 14.8×10^9 m3 (12,000,000 acre⋅ft)

Catchment area: 172,250 km2 (66,510 sq mi)

Surface area: 1,874 km2 (724 sq mi)

Maximum length: 246 km (153 mi)

Maximum water depth: 140 m (460 ft)

Normal elevation: 640 m (2,100 ft)

Length: 1,780 m (5,840 ft)

Spillway capacity: 14,700 m3/s (520,000 cu ft/s) for the gated spillway

Power Station

Commission date: 2020-2022

Type: Conventional

Turbines: 14 x 400 MW | 2 x 375 MW Francis turbines

Installed capacity: 6.45 GW (max. planned)

Capacity factor: 28.6%

Annual generation: 16,153 GWh (est., planned)

The Dam is Belongs to Every Citizen and Ethnic of Ethiopia, the People together shall focus on how they manage and utilize the Country's Resources and become Beneficiaries, instead focusing in Segregation and Mass Killing, Consequently the Destruction of the Country.

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