Ethiopia: TPLF is a Global Terrorist Organisation,

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F.W.G | 18 Nov, 2020 | NationalEr Interest

Criminal records rarely go unnoticed wherever they are meticulously archived and preserved. Let alone leaders that hold state power, ordinary people are even required to go through criminal background checks for jobs that require high level of trustworthiness. one of the most serious criminal offenses in the world is quite obviously terrorism.

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), which is a center of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security at the University of Maryland, has made the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) available online “in an effort to increase understanding of terrorist violence so that it can be more readily studied and defeated.”

Ethiopian news GTD is arguably the most authoritative and comprehensive open-source database on terrorism incidents from 1970 to date. The database also reveals “the date and location of the incident, the weapons used and nature of the target, the number of casualties, and–when identifiable–the group or individual responsible.”

The Meles regime has adopted a new strategy of crushing dissent by accusing famed and respected journalists, politicians and activists of committing acts of “terrorism”. It is for this very reason that I found it necessary to do some background checks related to terrorism on the accused as well as the accusers.

Using the searchable GTD online interface, I started entering the names of some of the “terrorists” accused by Meles Zenawi of committing acts of terrorism.

It is an open secret that TPLF’s history is tarnished with violence, bloodshed, brutality, mass killings, genocide, robberies, corruption, mass displacement and kidnappings, to mention a few in the long litany of crimes the group has been committing since it started its armed insurrection in 1975 as an ethnocentric bandit group with a declared mission of seceding Tigray from Ethiopia.

Along with the world’s most virulent and violent terrorist groups Al Shabaab, Al Qaida, Hezbollah, Basque, Islamic Jihaad, the drug cartels in Latin America, the Tamil Tigers, the TPLF’s the terrorist records are linked to committing mass killings, assaulting civilians, NGOs and hostage taking of foreigners.

The GTD record on TPLF is not very comprehensive given the fact that TPLF became the government in 1991 and changed its terrorist tactics to state terrorism. It is a tragedy for Ethiopia that the terrorist group TPLF controls Ethiopia abuses its power to crush innocent civilians like insects.

TPLF has obviously committed countless acts of terror before and after it seized state power in 1991. GTD only contained TPLF’s terrorism record from 1976 up to 1991.

The Tigray people’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was almost total monopoly over state power, the economy, the military, the security apparatus, and every key institution and public resources from 1991 to date. It continues to use the TPLF as the name for the main political party that controls the ruling EPRDF.

TPLF’s mindset of promoting every criminal and terrorist misadventure as a heroic act has been one of its chronic problem.

The Global Terrorism Database provides incontrovertible evidence that TPLF is indeed a certified terrorist organization that has seized state power two decades ago. TPLF has continued terrorizing the people of Ethiopia using the apparatus of the state.

TPLF’s scandalous anti-terrorism law, which is being used to silence critics, only shows the great danger a nation faces wherever ruthless terrorist organizations like the TPLF seize state power.

For those TPLF fans who puff up their chest when they try to sell the TPLF as a heroic liberation movement, we should only encourage them to visit the Global Terrorism Database, where the TPLF is permanently housed along with its peers such as the extremists Islamic Jihaad, Al Shabaab and Al Qaida.

TPLF is nothing but an ethnic Jihadist group that has taken hostage an entire nation it has been terrorizing with arrogance and impunity.

So many ordinary Ethiopians and scholars are very puzzled with the TPLF. But the best way to understand it is in the context of its well documented terrorism and driven by not its mask of leftist ideology that it claims now to have abandoned but a virulent ethnofascist ideology.

Genocide Watch, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters without Borders, local and many international organizations have been documenting the state terrorism that TPLF has been committing with impunity. No matter what TPLF says and does, one cannot teach new tricks to an old dog. TPLF is a committed terrorist organization.

Given the weight of evidence, facts, and figures against TPLF and its leaders, it is absurd and childish that TPLF is still playing this terrorism and treason cards in its most outrageous form.

TPLF BAD regime!

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