Ethiopia Kicked New Banknotes, Seized the Corrupted Money Laundry Gangs,

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Abiye Ahmed today confirmed that the National Bank of the country is unveiled new Birr banknotes for 10, 50, and 100 denominations, with additional of a very new 200 birr note.

The new notes will curb financing of illegal activities; corruption & contraband. Enhanced security features and

other distinctive elements on the new notes will also cease counterfeit production.

Corruption and financing of illegal activities, such as to war lords brought the country to unrest in many parts, and consequently the currency inflation became unaltered.

Most of the print work is currently in country within NBE vault. Distribution mechanisms developed and will go in effect.

Well, we are sure about that "Planet Hotel" can no longer to be "illegal Financial Institution" with the old banknotes cash and old Gangs.

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